Prevent pregnancy with Zoely contraceptive pills

Zoely is almost 100% effective as a method of preventing pregnancy.
It is a monophasic combined contraceptive pill containing natural oestrogen and synthetic progestogen

  • Contains estradiol, which is a more natural oestrogen
  • Can help make periods lighter and ease PMS
  • Reduced risk of side effects because of more natural composition
  • Contains nomegestrol acetate 2.5mg and estradiol 1.5mg
Zoely FAQs

What are the benefits of Zoely?

Zoely is the first monophasic pill to contain natural oestrogen. Before Zoely, Qlaira was the only pill available with natural oestrogen, although it wasn’t monophasic and does require a more stringent dosing regimen. Zoely, on the other hand, is an everyday pill, requiring the same pill to be taken for the majority of your cycle. Taking Zoely can reduce your risk of pregnancy to less than one per cent and is also believed to have a lower chance of causing blood clotting than pills with synthetic oestrogen.

How does Zoely work?

Just like most combined oral contraceptives, Zoely is able to provide comprehensive protection from pregnancy, by stopping ovulation with the help of natural oestrogen. Oestrogen and progestogen in this oral contraceptive have the ability to prevent the womb lining from growing, which means that were an egg released from the ovaries, it would not be able to implant. In addition to these two actions, Zoely thickens cervical mucus so that it acts as a barrier, stopping sperm from entering the womb.

Who can take it?

Most women over the age of 18 can use this method of contraception, however it’s important to tell the doctor during your face-to-face or online consultation whether you suffer from any health conditions or you are taking any medications, as these may affect your suitability to this contraceptive.

Who can’t take it?

You should not use this medication if you are allergic to any of the active ingredients it contains. It’s also not recommended that you use this contraceptive if you have any liver problems, issues with blood clotting, you’ve ever had a heart attack or stroke, you suffer from migraine with aura, you have ever had breast cancer or you experience unexplained vaginal bleeding.

It’s also not recommended that you use this medication if you are over 35 and you are a heavy smoker, you are overweight or you are taking medications for epilepsy or high blood pressure.

How do you take it?

Each blister pack contains 28 tablets with 24 active tablets and four inactive yellow tablets. The first white active tablet can be taken on the first day of your period or up to day five of your period, although in the latter instance you’ll be required to use an additional contraceptive method for seven days to allow Zoely’s contraceptive benefit to take effect. The yellow tablets should be taken after all the white tablets have been taken and then a new blister pack should be started straight away.

Is there a risk of side effects?

As with any prescription medication, this medicine carries with it a risk of side effects. The common side effects of this treatment may include acne, changes in your menstrual cycle, headaches, feeling sick or possible weight gain. These side effects are likely to go away the longer you use this pill, because your body will get used to the additional hormones, but if they persist or you experience anything more serious, such as an allergic reaction or symptoms associated with deep vein thrombosis, you should seek immediate medical help.

Can you buy Zoely online?

Zoely is available to order online safely and securely at euroClinix. So that we can make sure that you only order this medication if you can use it safely, we ask that you complete the online consultation form that makes up part of the online ordering process. This will allow our doctor to get a better understanding of your health and if they feel that you can safely use this particular pill your order will be approved and your prescription passed on to our pharmacy. At our pharmacy a pharmacist will dispense your treatment and dispatch it directly to you via discreet next day delivery.
Dr Stamatios Poupalos

"Zoely is a new type of combined contraceptive pill that is the first to contain natural estradiol. It is highly effective at preventing pregnancy."

Genuine medication

Here at euroClinix, your safety is our priority. That is why we only supply genuine treatments dispensed by registered UK pharmacies.

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)Theramex Zoely
  • Genuine medication
  • Prescribed by a registered doctor
  • Dispatched from a licensed UK pharmacy

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