Prevent asthma attacks with Symbicort inhaler

Symbicort is a preventer inhaler that is extremely beneficial to asthma sufferers prone to regular attacks.
It can reduce the risk of asthma attacks by preventing the swelling and irritation of the lungs and airways.

  • Effective preventative treatment
  • Reduces chances of an asthma attack
  • Limits irritation to the lungs and clears the airways
  • Available in three dosage strengths of 100/6, 200/6 and 400/12
Symbicort FAQs

What are the benefits?

A preventer inhaler can be extremely beneficial to any asthma sufferer who experiences regular attacks. If you buy Symbicort you will be using two active ingredients, which work together to limit inflammation to the lungs and clear the airways. By using this treatment daily, patients are less likely to suffer from attacks when doing exercise or during times of pressure or stress.

How does it work?

The two ingredients used to prevent attacks are budesonide and formoterol fumarate dihydrate. Budesonide is a corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory properties that stops the swelling to the lungs, which causes attacks. Formoterol fumarate dehydrate is a bronchodilator which relaxes the muscles in the airways, avoiding the contractions which could lead to difficulty breathing.

Who can use it?

Asthma patients can usually be safely prescribed this preventer inhaler provided they are not hypersensitive to budesonide or formoterol. Symbicort also contains lactose, so it should not be prescribed to anyone with a dairy intolerance. It is important to mention during your consultation if you suffer from any other medical conditions or are taking any other medication, as your doctor will need this information in order to prescribe the appropriate dosage.

What dosages are available?

You can buy the Symbicort Turbohaler in three different strengths: 100/6, 200/6 and 400/12. The numbers indicate the micrograms of budesonide and formoterol respectively, which are released with each dose. Your doctor will prescribe the most effective dosage for you and determine how many inhalations are necessary per day.

How do you use the inhaler?

The Symbicort Turbohaler is a preferred type of inhaler for asthma patients who find it inconvenient to put pressure on the canister whilst inhaling. The Turbohaler allows you to release the medication first, by twisting the red grip in both directions. This allows you to inhale through the mouthpiece and receive a dose of the medication without having to press down on the inhaler.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effects include infections to the throat and mouth, headaches or palpitations. A small number of people experience some of the uncommon side effects such as nausea, muscle cramps or trouble sleeping. If you experience swelling or rashes to your face, wheezing or difficulty breathing or light-headedness immediately after using your Symbicort Turbohaler, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction, so you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Can I buy Symbicort online?

You can buy Symbicort at euroClinix after completing a free online consultation form, which will be reviewed by one of our doctors. If your order is approved, you will be issued a prescription, which will be dispatched from a registered pharmacy and delivered straight to your home the following day with our free next-day delivery service.

Dr Stamatios Poupalos

"Asthma is a condition that can cause distressing symptoms. Having the right inhaler to hand is extremely important for sufferers."

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