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The World Health Organization confirms that smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the world, causing more health problems than obesity and alcoholism. Fortunately, a number of proven smoking cessation treatments are available to help men and women over the age of 18 to permanently quit. For some people, giving up cigarettes can be very stressful, which is why smoking cessation pills such as Champix are often recommended to be used alongside behavioural support therapy.

To aid you in quitting smoking you can buy Champix - the most effective prescription smoking cessation medication available - after completing a free consultation with us online. We will only sell Champix to you if our doctor feels that it is safe for you to use, a determination that will be based on your health and medical history. Once your consultation is approved our doctor will issue a prescription and pass it to our pharmacy where it will be dispatched free of charge for same or next day delivery.

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You are more likely to quit smoking by using Champix than you are with any other treatment of method of smoking cessation. Champix is a 12 week oral treatment which works by preventing the cravings that arise from smoking withdrawal and stops you from enjoying a cigarette if you given into temptation and smoke a cigarette.

How can smoking damage my health?

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and largely responsible for the difficulty that people encounter when they are trying to permanently quit. When you smoke cigarettes you place yourself at a higher risk of a number of critical and long-term health conditions.

There are more than 650,000 smoking related deaths in the EU each year, many of which are caused by cancers and cardiovascular disease. As a smoker, you aren't the only one at risk of developing serious health problems, but non-smokers in your environment are also more likely to develop respiratory problems due to exposure to second-hand smoke.

Most people know that smoking has a negative impact on the body, including the lungs, heart and skin. However, long-term smoking may have a more harmful effect than you realise. The tool below illustrates the various body parts that are specifically affected by both direct and passive smoking:

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Giving up on your own by using stop smoking pills or other treatments can significantly lower your risk of developing emphysema, heart problems and chronic lung diseases. It can also prevent you from further affecting the health of those around you.

What other health problems does smoking cause?

The British Medical Association estimates that up to 120,000 men suffer from impotence as a result of smoking. Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow, which means that blood is no longer capable of flowing freely into the penile tissues, which prevents the penis from becoming erect like usual. Giving up smoking allows your blood vessels to return to normal.

Smoking can raise your blood pressure, leading to heart attacks or stroke. It is also known to stain your teeth and gums, as well as contributing to the development of ulcers. Using a smoking cessation treatment pack to stop smoking can help to improve your breathing and to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer.

What are the side effects after quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking can affect our bodies in many different ways, not just physically but also psychologically. However in order to cope with them effectively it is helpful to know what to expect so that you can prepare.

The side effects you experience when you quit smoking are what make it so difficult to stay smoke free. As mentioned, there are both psychological and physical side effects that can be equally crippling. The main reason for these effects is that cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. This is because of how it's able to influence the hormones released in the brain that make you think that you need a cigarette. Many people find that having a cigarette in a stressful situation helps to relax them, when in fact it's just temporarily satisfying the brain's craving for nicotine.

smoking and its effects on the body

When you are dependent on cigarettes, stopping smoking can cause you some discomfort. The above diagram shows that these effects can range from diarrhoea and headaches, to agitation and the shakes. These effects don't normally last more than a couple of days, but they can test even the most determined ex-smoker's reserve.

smoking and the mind

One of the main reasons people find that they start smoking again after giving up is the emotional and psychological effect nicotine withdrawal has on them, something that is reflected in the diagram above. This is especially amplified if you often use smoking as a way to deal with stressful day-to-day situations, or to help you relax.

Which smoking cessation treatment should I use?

It's never too late to quit smoking. If you are unsure of which method of smoking cessation to use, consult your GP or speak to one of our registered doctors online who can recommend a suitable solution for you.

Many people manage to give up using willpower alone, but if the cravings and mood swings are getting the better of you, then there are treatments that can help. Prescription medication and various forms of behavioural therapy can also be explored as suitable smoking cessation methods. Champix is one of the most effective smoking cessation drugs and can help you give up in just 12 weeks. These smoking cessation pills can also be used for an extended period to offer prolonged help for heavy smokers.

Can I order Champix online?

To quit smoking in as little as 12 weeks you can order a course of Champix smoking cessation pills online from euroClinix. Patients who want a reliable smoking cessation drug to give up smoking can complete a short, confidential online consultation. It will prompt you to answer some questions about your health and lifestyle to make sure you are suitable for this treatment. If our registered doctors believe you're suitable for this treatment, the Champix smoking cessation drug will be dispatched to your address for free same or next day delivery.

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