Treat haemorrhoid symptoms with Proctosedyl ointment

Proctosedyl is an ointment/ suppository medication used for the effective relief of the discomfort caused by haemorrhoids (piles).
Contains the active ingredients cinchocaine hydrochloride and hydrocortisone, which work together to reduce swelling, numb pain and alleviate pain & irritation.

  • Effective treatment for haemorrhoids
  • Provides short term relief from symptoms
  • Available in suppository form to treat internal piles
  • Contains active ingredients cinchocaine hydrochloride (0.5%) and hydrocortisone (0.5%)
Proctosedyl FAQs

What is Proctosedyl?

This medicine is a popular treatment for haemorrhoids regularly referred to as piles (both internal and external). This medication is also used for painful conditions located around the rectum area. Such as rectal fissures (tears), anal pruritus (itching) and perianal eczema. This medication reduces the pain soreness and swelling caused by haemorrhoid and other rectal lesions.

What are the benefits?

Proctosedyl is an effective haemorrhoids treatment that is available in either ointment or suppository form. When applied to the affected area, it can provide relief and reduce painful symptoms caused by piles, such as itching, bleeding, irritation and inflammation. Depending on which form of treatment you use – ointment or suppositories – Proctosedyl can be used to treat both external and internal haemorrhoids.

How does it work?

Both forms of Proctosedyl contain the two active ingredients cinchocaine hydrochloride and hydrocortisone, which when used both externally and internally work to reduce painful swelling and irritation caused by haemorrhoids. Hydrocortisone works as a steroid to reduce inflammation and irritation, while cinchocaine hydrochloride acts as a numbing agent to relieve pain and itching.

Who cannot use Proctosedyl?

This medication should not be used if you are allergic to any of the ingredients found in this medication. Proctosedyl is not recommended for children. If you are taking any other medications – including prescription, non-prescription and herbal medicines - this may affect how Proctosedyl works and it is therefore advised that you do not take this medication until you have spoken to a doctor. If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or are breastfeeding then you should not take this medication.

How do you use Proctosedyl?

It is important to wash your hands before and after applying this medication. Likewise the area around the anus should be thoroughly washed prior to application of treatment. If you are using the ointment for external or internal use, apply on the affected area in the morning and again at night. It should also be applied after each bowel movement.

For internal use, insert one suppository gently into the rectum in the morning and at night and after each bowel movement. Try to refrain from going to the toilet for at least an hour to enable the suppository to work. When using Proctosedyl treatment either internally or externally, do not continue a course of treatment for longer than three days.

How long should I take Proctosedyl for?

You should use this medication for seven days initially or as instructed by your doctor. The number of times you use this medication per day should be reduced to two or three times if you need to use it for longer than seven days. You should not use this medication for longer than three weeks unless you have been instructed to do so by a doctor.

What are the side effects of this medication?

As with all medications, there may be some side effects when using this medicine. The side effects that can occur with this medication include irritation to the skin, more precisely the skin around the back passage, and skin rashes. Although it is very rare, in extreme cases this medication may absorb into the blood stream. This is why you should not use Proctosedyl for an extended period of time.

Taking other medicines

It is important to be completely open and honest about the medicines you’re taking during your online consultation. These include medicines bought without prescription and herbal medicines. Similarly, it is advised that you consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new medicines, while taking Proctosedyl. This is to ensure that the combination is safe.

Can I buy Proctosedyl online?

You can buy Proctosedyl online from euroClinix after you complete a free online and confidential form. After a registered doctor decides whether this medication is suitable, a prescription will be issued and sent to our registered pharmacy where treatment will be securely and discreetly sent via our overnight delivery service.

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