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Prevent pregnancy with Microgynon contraceptive pills

Microgynon 30 is an oral contraceptive treatment that is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.
It does this by altering the menstrual cycle so that ovulation doesn’t take place, the womb lining doesn’t thicken and sperm won’t be able to move through to the womb.

  • Helps to manage the symptoms of endometriosis and severe PMS
  • Is almost 100% effective at preventing pregnancy
  • Taken daily for 21 days, with a seven day break
  • Contains two active ingredients, levonorgestrel 150mcg and ethinylestradiol 30mcg
Microgynon FAQs

What are the benefits of using Microgynon pills?

The pill is one of the most reliable methods available to women who want to protect themselves against pregnancy. It can provide you with immediate protection if taken at the right point in your cycle. If you take it any later in your cycle, it only takes seven days before you are fully protected against conception. Microgynon contraceptive pills, just like some other variants of the pill, can potentially help reduce the pain you experience when you have your period and can also help make cyclical bleeding more predictable. Microgynon pills are sometimes also prescribed to help people who suffer from endometriosis (where cells abnormally grow on organs outside the womb).

How do Microgynon pills work?

Microgynon contraceptive pills primarily work by preventing ovulation. This is why many women experience less pain during their periods when taking the pill, because your body isn't going though its usual ovulation cycle. The bleeding that you do experience is your body's way of naturally removing the contraceptive hormones. Apart from preventing ovulation, Microgynon pills also increase the viscosity of cervical fluid, making it too thick for sperm to travel through to enter the womb. These contraceptive pills also prevent the womb lining from becoming thick enough to allow an egg to grow inside.

Who can take Microgynon contraceptive pills?

Most women over the age of 18 can use Microgynon pills for contraceptive purposes; however, there are certain health conditions and medications with which the use of the pill is prohibited. You should ensure that you mention any medications you are taking and any other important information regarding your health during your online consultation.

Who cannot take it?

You should not use Microgynon pills if you are pregnant, think you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. It is also not advised that you use this medication if you have recently experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding, a history of circulation problems, heart problems or a stroke.

How do you take it?

You take Microgynon pills as a 21-day contraceptive, followed by a seven-day break before you start your next course. Because your menstrual cycle covers 28 days, you will experience a withdrawal bleed during the seven pill-free days, although you will still be fully protected against pregnancy. You can take it with or without food, but it is important to take Microgynon pills at the same time each day to maximize its protection. These tablets come in calendar packs to help you keep track of the ones you are taking on a daily basis.

Are there any side effects?

Contraceptives in general are well tolerated; however some people tend to be more sensitive to their active ingredients. If you are using Microgynon for the first time, you may experience some mild side effects that usually disappear within a few days. If the side effects do not disappear, you should try a contraceptive with a different combination of ingredients or use a mini-pill. Some of the most common side effects of Microgynon contraceptive pills include nausea and vomiting, headaches or migraines, breast tenderness or enlargement, weight changes, water retention, vaginal thrush and a change in menstrual bleeding.

Can you buy Microgynon contraceptive pills online?

If you would like to buy Microgynon pills online, you can do so safely and conveniently from euroClinix by completing our free online consultation as part of the ordering process. Our doctors require information about your health before they can issue a prescription for Microgynon. Once issued, your prescription is sent directly to our pharmacy, where it is checked and filled by a registered pharmacist and then shipped to you via free overnight courier.

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"Hormonal contraception is used by millions of women to safely prevent pregnancy. euroClinix allows you to order your contraception online, when it’s not entirely convenient to go to your doctor."

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