Treat bacterial STIs with Metronidazole antibiotic tablets

Metronidazole (Flagyl) 400mg tablets are a wide spectrum antibiotic that can be used to help treat and cure a number of bacterial infections.
It works to treat an STI by entering the bacterial cell and damaging the bacterial DNA, stopping it from producing new DNA and spreading.

  • Can provide quick symptomatic relief if symptoms are being experienced
  • Effective treatment for bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella) and trichomonas vaginalis
  • Take 1 x 400mg tablet 3 times a day for 7 days
Metronidazole FAQs

What is Metronidazole?

Metronidazole is a medicine, which is used in treatment and prevention of certain types of infections.

This prescription is used to treat certain types of infections. These include infections of the mouth, intestines, bones and genital tract. This treatment is also used to prevent infections occurring after surgery.

What benefits can you expect when you buy Metronidazole tablets?

Metronidazole can provide quick and effective relief from a wide range of protozoan infections, including bacterial vaginosis (gardnerella vaginalis) and trichomonas vaginalis, which mostly tend to affect women. A single dose of this prescription can be very effective, and can help clear up an infection quickly and prevent these conditions from causing any long-term damage to your health.

How do Metronidazole tablets work?

Metronidazole targets the bacteria in the body directly. It works by entering the cell and influencing its ability to create DNA and grow. Because the bacteria can't spread, the symptoms that are associated with these infections are reduced and weakened, so that your immune system can kill it completely.

Who can take it?

Metronidazole can be taken by women over the age of 18 to treat bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas vaginalis. Before you buy Metronidazole online, its essential that you complete our online consultation with accurate information that the right prescription can be given to you.

This specific medication is a widely used medication that is safe for the majority of patients to use, but mention to your doctor if you have anaemia, nerve disorders, epilepsy or liver disease or if you are currently taking any like lithium, disulfiram, fluorouracil, ciclosporin or cimetidine.

This medication may influence how well your oral contraceptive works, which means that during the time you are using this medication you may want to take additional contraceptive measures.

Who cannot take it?

Although most women can take this antibiotic, you may not be able to buy Metronidazole tablets if you have certain conditions. These may include, for example: liver disease, Crohn's disease, anaemia, leucopoenia, nerve disorders or epilepsy. You should also not take this medication if you are allergic to the ingredient or if you are pregnant.

Make sure that you mention any medication you are taking during your online consultation, especially if are taking medicines like lithium, disulfiram, ciclosporin, cimetidine, fluorouracil or oral contraception like the pill or mini-pill.

How do you take Metronidazole 400mg tablets?

Metronidazole tablets are usually taken in a low dose of one 400mg tablet 3 times a day for 7 days. Your dosage recommendations will depend on your tolerance to the active ingredient and the condition that you are treating. If you find that you are quite sensitive to the effect of antibiotics, a lower dosage antibiotic treatment may be a better option for you.

Similar to other antibiotics, when taking this prescription you should try and avoid alcohol during and for at least 48 hours after you've stopped your course. You should wait at least two weeks before taking an STI test if you want to make sure that the treatment has cured your condition, to ensure that the levels of Metronidazole don’t influence the results in your system.

Are there any side effects?

This prescription medication is not likely to cause side effects, but there are people who may be more sensitive to the effects of the active ingredient in their system. Treatment with this medication doesn't last long, which means that the effects won't normally last. The most common side effects are also fortunately very mild and include diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, a furry tongue sensation, a loss of appetite, a rash, drowsiness, dizziness and headaches.

Can you buy Metronidazole online?

You can buy Metronidazole online from euroClinix after completing an online consultation. The consultation will be reviewed by one of our doctors, to ensure that this prescription medication is suitable for you. One of our EU registered doctors will review the information you have provided during your online consultation. The information that you have provided will remain confidential. If our EU registered doctor approves your consultation, your Metronidazole dosage will be dispatched for overnight delivery.

Before you buy Metronidazole online, it's essential that you complete our online consultation with accurate information. This is just to ensure that Metronidazole is suitable for your use.

Please note that the manufacturer of this prescription may differ from that shown on the image above, but the ingredients, benefits and possible side effects of the medication will be the same. If you order the single dose option (five tablets), you will be sent the tablets in plain white packaging. The seven-day option (21 tablets) will be delivered in the box pictured above.

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