Emergency Contraception

Effective morning-after pills for contraception

When contraceptive accidents happen, the first thing people tend to do is panic. There is always a chance that barrier contraception, such as condoms, might fail or you might get caught up in the moment and not think about the precautions until later. To help you to protect against pregnancy if an accident were to happen, you can order emergency contraceptive pills online from euroClinix, which you can keep to hand if a contraceptive accident occurs between you and your partner.

At euroClinix, we only work with registered doctors and pharmacies to ensure that the medication you order is suitable for you to take. We will ask you a few short medical questions when you choose your emergency contraception pill, in order for our doctors to be absolutely sure the treatment you are prescribed is safe for you.

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Levonelle or the "morning-after pill" can protect against pregnancy for up to three days after unprotected sex or after your usual contraception has failed. During those first 72 hours Levonelle is 85% effective in stopping pregnancy. You can purchase your emergency contraceptive online as a precaution, should you experience any contraceptive emergencies in the future.
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ellaOne is a new emergency contraceptive that can be used up to five days after unprotected sex. ellaOne was 98% effective in preventing pregnancy in clinical trials; only two women in 100 became pregnant after taking it. ellaOne can be ordered online as a precautionary measure in case your contraception lets you down or if you have unprotected sex.

What emergency contraceptive pills are available?

At euroClinix, patients have a choice of two clinically tested oral medications. Levonelle, the standard morning-after pill, is effective for up to 72 hours after contraceptive failure or unprotected sex. This contraception pill is thought to be 95% effective during the first 24 hours after contraceptive failure. If taken between 25 and 48 hours after sex, it is 85% effective. And if taken between 48 and 72 hours after sex, this level of effectiveness drops to 58%.

The second emergency contraception option available is ellaOne, a new contraceptive pill that can ensure against pregnancy for up to five days after unprotected sex. Studies suggest it has a 98% success rate, as only two in every 100 women who took this morning-after pill became pregnant. ellaOne was also proven to prevent more pregnancies than Levonelle during the first 72 hours after unprotected sex.

Who can use emergency contraception?

Both Levonelle and ellaOne should be taken after you have had unprotected sex or if your usual contraception has failed. They are both suitable for women over the age of 18. euroClinix advises women to purchase an emergency contraceptive as a precaution in case they need it in the future. Alternatively, if you have already had unprotected sex and wish to purchase an emergency contraceptive, we strongly advise that you do so immediately - within 24 hours - after unprotected sex so that you can take the pill as soon as possible.

If you are suffering from severe liver disease or are using a herbal medication, including St John's wort, you may be unable to take a morning-after pill.

How do I take emergency contraception?

Levonelle and ellaOne contain one tablet per pack, which should be taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. The morning-after pill used to be prescribed as two tablets that could be taken 12 hours apart; however, this single dosage is now considered to be more effective at preventing pregnancy. You simply need to swallow the tablet with a glass of water.

Are there any precautions I need to consider?

An emergency contraceptive pill can be taken more than once during a single menstrual cycle. However, it is likely that it won't be effective if taken more than once in any single cycle and isn't meant to be used as a regular contraceptive method. If you have unprotected sex again during this period, you should not use emergency contraception to protect against pregnancy. If this occurs, you should then use a barrier contraceptive, even if you are taking your normal contraceptive pills, to ensure the best possible level of protection until your next menstrual cycle. Repeated use of the emergency contraceptive pill during a single menstrual cycle can disrupt your normal cycle and is not advised.

How do I know if my emergency contraception has worked?

You will know if the medication has worked if your next period comes as usual. If your period has not arrived within three weeks of taking the emergency contraceptive pill, you should take a pregnancy test just to make sure. You must wait at least three weeks after the last time you had unprotected sex to take a pregnancy test, because taking a test before this time will only lead to inaccurate results. An emergency contraceptive will not work if you are already pregnant.

Can I buy emergency contraception online?

euroClinix operates a secure, reliable service for patients who want to order Levonelle or ellaOne tablets with discretion. When you place your order, you will need to take a short online consultation with our doctor. This replaces the conversation you would have with your doctor at a pharmacy or clinic if you were to request emergency contraception in person. If our doctor feels that Levonelle or ellaOne is right for you, the contraception will be dispatched from our pharmacy for overnight delivery.