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Prevent pregnancy with ellaOne morning-after pill

ellaOne is an emergency contraceptive pill that can prevent pregnancy for up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected intercourse.
ellaOne is able to prevent you from falling pregnant as it stops ovulation, but also changes the womb lining and stops sperm from being able to reach the womb.

  • Clinically proven to be 98% effective at preventing pregnancy
  • Effective if taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse
  • More effective at preventing pregnancy during the initial three day period
  • Contains ulipristal acetate 30mg
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Dr Stamatios Poupalos

"Morning-after pills can be used to prevent pregnancy in the event of an emergency or where your normal contraceptive method fails, and you are left at risk of falling pregnant."

Genuine medication

Here at euroClinix, your safety is our priority. That is why we only supply genuine treatments dispensed by registered UK pharmacies.

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)HRA Pharma ellaOne
  • Genuine medication
  • Prescribed by a registered doctor
  • Dispatched from a licensed UK pharmacy
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Medication ellaOne Levonelle
ellaOne Levonelle
Manufacturer HRAPharma Bayer
Treatment image ellaOne 30mg Levonelle 1500
Priced from £49.95 £39.95
Efficacy 98% 95%
Effective for 120 hours 72 hours
Ingredients Ulipristal acetate (30mg) Levonogestrel (1.5mg)
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