Prevent pregnancy with Cerazette mini-pill

Cerazette is commonly known as the 'mini pill' and is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.
What differentiates the mini-pill from the regular pill is the fact that the mini-pill only contains artificial progestogen, and not any oestrogen.

  • Active ingredient is desogestrel, which prevents ovulation just like the regular pill
  • Just as effective as combined pills, but doesn't contain artificial oestrogen
  • Can be used by breastfeeding women, women with migraines or those who smoke
  • Available in a 75mcg dose
Cerazette FAQs

What are the benefits of using Cerazette pills?

Cerazette birth control pills provide immediate protection against pregnancy if taken on the first day of your period. This contraceptive pill provides women who are particularly sensitive to oestrogen with a comprehensive method of birth control that works just as effectively as the pill. The progestogen-only pill can also provide relief for women who have very painful periods. Around 94% of women in clinical trials reported that they noticed significantly less pain during their periods while using it.

How does this birth control pill work?

Cerazette contains a hormone that is similar to the hormoneprogesterone that is produced by the body. This artificial version of hormoeprogesterone works by convincing the body that ovulation has already happened, so the chance of an egg being released while you are using it is very rare. Just like regular mini-pills, Fertility is also controlled by the pills ability to prevent the womb lining from thickening and thickens cervical fluid, making it impossible for the sperm to enter the womb. It is important that you take this medication at the same day each time, for the hormonal contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.

Who can take Cerazette contraceptive pills?

Most healthy women over the age of 18 looking for a long-term contraceptive can buy Cerazette pills online. It is important to provide the prescribing doctor with your medical history and current information during your free online consultation, to ensure it's appropriate for you. The progestogen-only pill is safe to use if you’re breastfeeding. Small amounts of progestogen may pass into your milk, but this is not harmful to the baby. The progestogen-only pill does not affect the way that your breast milk is produced.

Who cannot take it?

It is not advisable to use Cerazette pills if you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant or if you're allergic to desogestrel. It is also not safe to use this mini-pill if you have a history of circulation problems, breast cancer or have recently had jaundice or experienced undiagnosed vaginal bleeding. Overtime it is possible that this contraceptive method may become unsuitable for you and you may become unsuitable for it. If at anytime at appeals that Cerazette has become unsuitable for you, it is important that the prescriber is contact immediately.

How do you take Cerazette contraceptive pills?

It’s important to read and follow the instructions that come with your pill packet because missing pills or taking pills alongside any other medicines might reduce its effectiveness. This oral method is classed as a mini-pill and is taken for the full 28 days of your cycle, with no breaks between one pack and the next. Cerazette birth control pills can be taken up to 12 hours later than you’re usual time, with or without food, and still provide adequate protection unlike other regular pills. You can start taking the progestogen-only pill at anytime within your menstrual cycle, it will work straight away and you’ll be protected against pregnancy. If you miss a pill, a barrier contraceptive will have to be used for seven days to protect you against pregnancy.

Are there any side effects?

First time users may experience side effects because the body isn't used to the ingredients it contains. However, your system will usually adapt to the pills fairly quickly without causing too much discomfort. Cerazette birth control pills don't contain artificial oestrogen, which means that they may be ideal for women who have struggled with headaches and other oestrogen-related side effects while using combination contraceptives. The most common side effects of this contraceptive include mood changes, decreased sexual drive (libido), headaches, nausea, acne, breast pain, weight gain and irregular or no periods.

Can you buy this contraceptive online?

euroClinix allows women to buy progestogen-only pills safely and securely online. Once you've chosen your treatment, all you need to do is complete a short, free online consultation. Our registered doctor will review your information and determine the best course of treatment for you. If this method of birth control is a good contraceptive choice for you, you will be issued with a prescription. Once issued, the doctor then sends the prescription to our registered pharmacy that will send your Cerazette pills to you via free overnight delivery.

Dr Stamatios Poupalos

"Mini-pills provide a safe alternative for women who aren’t able to tolerate oestrogen-based contraceptives, as they only contain the hormone progestogen."

Genuine medication

Here at euroClinix, your safety is our priority. That is why we only supply genuine treatments dispensed by registered UK pharmacies.

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)Organon Cerazette
  • Genuine medication
  • Prescribed by a registered doctor
  • Dispatched from a licensed UK pharmacy
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Ingredient Desogestrel (75mcg) Norethisterone (350mcg) Norethisterone (350mcg)
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