Relieve Asthma symptoms using Bricanyl inhalers

Bricanyl is an effective asthma medication that helps to relieve symptoms of asthma, asthma attacks and other breathing problems.
The Turbohaler form of Bricanyl is a reliever inhaler for asthma which can also treat COPD.

  • A reliever treatment for asthma
  • Relaxes the airways and opens the lungs
  • Uses the active ingredient terbutaline sulphate
  • Dispenses 500mcg dosages
Bricanyl FAQs

What is Bricanyl?

In breathing disorders, this treatment relaxes muscles in the air passages of the lungs. It helps to keep the airways open, making it easier to breathe. Inhaled preparations of this medication are fast acting. They can make your breathing easier and relieve bronchospasm within minutes.

Always have your inhaler with you in case you need it. You can use this prescription to prevent asthma attacks caused by triggers such as house dust, pollen, cats, dogs and exercise.

What are the benefits?

Bricanyl helps to manage the symptoms of asthma and asthma attacks by relaxing lung muscles in the airway, making it easier for you to breathe. An effective reliever treatment, this prescription is used to relieve asthma attacks and breathing difficulties if and when they occur.

The treatment has been clinically proven to help breathing, and is typically used through an inhaler device, allowing the active ingredient to absorb directly into the lungs, providing quick action for asthma attacks.

You can buy this prescription medication online from euroClinix after completing an online consultation. Your prescription will then be passed on to our registered pharmacy, and will be sent out free of charge for delivery the next day.

How does it work?

Bricanyl Turbohaler uses the active ingredient terbutaline sulphate. Asthma causes the airway tubes to narrow and contract, which makes it more difficult for air to pass through, making it difficult to breathe. The active ingredient in this treatment acts as a beta2-agonist, which inhibits the receptors from closing the airways by stimulating them. This causes the airways to relax and encourages them to open. Opening the airways allows air to pass though more easily, making it easier for you to breathe.

Who can use Bricanyl Turbohalers?

This treatment is suitable for patients who have breathing difficulties or suffer from chronic conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This medication is not suitable if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients found in this medicine. If you have heart problems, an overactive thyroid gland or diabetes, or are taking any other medications, you must inform a doctor to ensure this treatment is suitable for you. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use this medication.

How do I take this medication?

Bricanyl is available in many different forms. In all cases, the medication will contain the active ingredient terbutaline.

Bricanyl Turbohaler - the most commonly prescribed version - is a dry powder inhaler with a 500mcg dose, which should be taken when you are encountering an asthma attack. Do not exceed four inhalations per day.

It is important that you learn how to use this Turbohaler properly before you need to use it so you can be sure it will be effective for you. Your doctor should explain this process to you when you are first prescribed this medication. In general, to relieve symptoms of asthma, one puff using the Turbohaler should be taken. If symptoms persist, this can be increased to four puffs, but treatment should not exceed four puffs.

What are the side effects of this medication?

Bricanyl, like all prescription medications, may cause side effects, but not everybody who uses this treatment will get them. Side effects may include headaches, dizziness, trembling, palpitations, cramps, muscle weakness, irregular heart beats and changes in sleeping patterns. If any of these side effects become serious, you are advised to speak to a doctor.

How do I order this treatment online?

This treatment is available to order here at if you have previously been recommended or prescribed this treatment. To buy this medication, we need you to complete our quick and simple consultation form. Our registered doctors will make sure that this treatment is appropriate and safe for you to use. If this is the case, a prescription will be issued and sent to our pharmacy. From there, it will be dispensed and dispatched for free next day delivery to your chosen UK address.

Dr Stamatios Poupalos

"Asthma is a condition that can cause distressing symptoms. Having the right inhaler to hand is extremely important for sufferers."

Genuine medication

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General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)Bricanyl Astrazeneca
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