Treat bacterial STIs with Azithromycin

Azithromycin is a macrolide antibiotic that can treat various bacterial infections, including sexually transmitted infections.
Azithromycin works by affecting the individual bacterial cells to stop them from multiplying and spreading, so that the immune system can kill them off quicker and more effectively.

  • Macrolide antibiotic to treat and cure bacterial STIs
  • Chlamydia is treated with a five-day course
  • NSU, mycoplasma and unreaplasma are treated with a single dose
  • Gonorrhoea is treated with a single 1000mg dose combined with a dose of Cefixime
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Dr Stamatios Poupalos

"Statistics show that the occurrence of sexually transmitted infections is very common today, and symptoms are often missed or ignored. euroClinix offers a convenient and discreet STI treatment service."

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General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)Azithromycin Teva
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