Aldara STI cream to treat genital warts

Aldara, or imiquimod, is a topical cream-based treatment for various skin conditions, including genital warts.
The cream doesn't directly attack the HPV that causes the warts, but works to mobilise your immune system to deal with warts more effectively, so they eventually disappear.

  • Applied to the actual external warts three times a week
  • Reduces any discomfort caused by the warts on the skin
  • Treatment is applied externally so is less likely to cause side effects
  • Contains the active ingredient imiquimod
Aldara FAQs

What is Aldara cream?

This medication may be used for three different conditions. Your doctor may prescribe Aldara cream for the treatment of:

  • Warts on the surface of the genitals and around the anus.
  • Superficial basal cell carcinoma: this is a common slow-growing form of skin cancer. There is a small likelihood of it spreading to other parts of the body. It usually occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, especially those who are fair-skinned and is caused by too much sun exposure. If left untreated, basal cell carcinoma can disfigure – therefore early recognition and treatment are important.
  • Actinic keratosis: this condition appeals as rough areas of skin found in people who have been exposed to a lot of sunshine over the course of their lifetime. Some are skin coloured, others are greyish, pink, red or brown. They can be flat and scaly, or raised, rough, hard and warty. Aldara should only be used for flat actinic keratoses on the face and scalp in patients with a healthy immune system.

What benefits can I expect when I buy Aldara cream?

Aldara has been proven as an effective external treatment for genital warts. It's also convenient to use, and only requires treatment three times a week. If this medication is used correctly, it can make any external genital warts symptoms disappear within 16 weeks.

You can buy Aldara online from euroClinix after completing an online consultation. The consultation will be reviewed by one of our doctors, to ensure that this contraceptive is suitable for you. If you are approved for a prescription, you can place your order with us immediately. Your prescription will then be passed on to our registered pharmacy, and will be sent out free of charge for delivery the next day.

How does Aldara wart cream work?

Although the HPV responsible for genital warts can't be cured, the condition can be controlled effectively with treatments like Aldara. The active ingredient in Aldara wart cream, imiquimod, works as an immune response modifier (IRM), and stimulates your immune system's natural defences. It does this because it is able to bind to the immune cells around the part where the wart is located, and stimulates them to release natural chemicals known as cytokines. Cytokines prevent the HPV virus from multiplying, making it easier for your natural defences to fight the virus, eventually causing the warts to disappear.

Who can take it?

Most men and women can safely buy Aldara online from euroClinix for the treatment of genital warts, however it's mainly recommended for warts that are appearing externally on the penis or vagina or on and around the anus. You should speak to your doctor for advice on treatment of warts inside the anus, urinary tract or vagina, especially if this is causing you discomfort.

Who cannot take it?

Some people should take care when using this cream, as it may cause side effects or it may not work like you need it to. These people may include those who have recently had an organ transplant, those with a weakened immune system, uncircumcised men with warts under their foreskin and those with inflammatory skin conditions.

Also avoid using this medication if you are allergic to its active ingredient or to treat genital warts inside the genitals or anus.

How do you use Aldara cream?

This medication works best if it's used three times a week on clean, dry skin. Ideally you should try and apply it before you fall asleep, because application requires you to wash it off after six to ten hours with mild soap and water. Always wash your hands before and after applying Aldara wart cream. To avoid skin irritation, you should only apply the cream in a thin layer. You shouldn't use this medication for more than 16 weeks, and please avoid using it on broken or irritated skin.

Are there any side effects I need to be aware of?

Although the cream is applied topically, it can still cause side effects, but the most common side effects are normally mild and include mild skin irritation, flu-like symptoms, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, headaches, back ache, muscle pain, nausea and diarrhoea. If these are bothersome and persistent, you should speak to your doctor about trying an alternative wart cream.

More serious side effects include allergic reactions, chest pain, vaginal pain, blistering, bleeding, pain at the application site or severe irritation. These are extremely rare side effects of this treatment, but they should be reported immediately if you do experience any of them.

Can you buy Aldara cream online?

You can buy Aldara online conveniently, securely and with discretion at eurpClinix. We ask each of our patients to fill out an online consultation form when placing an order. We carry out this procedure to ensure that our doctor prescribes the most suitable dosage for your health and condition.

All information that you provide during your online consultation will remain confidential. We will only share the information provided with no one other than our EU registered doctor and our trusted pharmacy. If our EU registered doctor deems you suitable for this medication and approves your consultation, your Aldara dosage will be dispatched for overnight delivery.

Please note that the manufacturer of this medication may differ from that shown on the image above, but the ingredients, benefits and possible side effects of the medication will be the same.

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